Medical Finance Projects specialists must go through the following steps in formulating the offer: Evaluates the needs of medical equipment and other goods, taking into account the project’s medical specifications;

Presents an offer and set up configurations for each piece of equipment and good in the part, depending on the beneficiar needs and requests;

A detailed budget with several options for each type of equipment;

A final technique is being prepared, which will contain all the necessary details about the types, quantities and configurations of medical equipment and other supplies required; delivery times, service and installation; terms and conditions for personnel training, etc.;

Offer the best financing deals for the final technique approved by the recipient and which takes into account the actual needs and the possibilities of project  implementation. Medical Finance Projects offers financial leasing for medical projects. With our support, you can purchase any goods to be used in a medical or cosmetic industry: equipment, real estate and cars.

Duration of funding for medical equipment and cars can be between 1 and 5 years (12-60 months), and for real estate duration is a maximum of 10 years (120 months).

All offers of financing are custom made and are accompanied by a detailed offer for medical equipment and other goods to be used in medical work. Medical Finance Projects offer includes technical, financial and managerial.