Medical Finance Projects offers its customers a mix of services for integrating technical and financial solutions for medical field. Customers can benefit from financing services and sales equipment, consulting services and assistance in drawing up business plans and the provision of turnkey projects.

Through our services, Medical Finance Projects is addressed to both existing companies and newly established companies (start-up): individual surgeries, clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

Our clients have the benefits from a range of integrated and customized solutions from the same reliable partner. Thus, they generate a convenient financing solution, assistance in choosing the appropriate equipment and consulting for business development.  Thus, you can recommend in the shortest time more suitable equipment, doctors and investors can choose according to their own criteria and budget.

    The proposed financing solution is customized according to the client’s specific requirements and business objectives;

    Maximizing the chances of success of the project by taking into account medical by our specialists of all elements and factors that can contribute to the success of the project.

Consulting Finance key projects, Project Management Sales advantages of collaboration with Medical Equipment Finance: short duration of the analysis of financing;

    Maximum simplicity and minimal time to obtain financing. There is no need of different financing options for every type of good in part: medical equipment, real estate, cars;

    Small number of documents required for obtaining financing;

    The entire documentation, analysis of documents and preparation of plans are made by Medical specialists in Finance. Your doctor or the investor just needs to choose one of the proposals received from Medical Finance Projects;

    Medical Finance Projects has partnerships with all medical providers in Romania.