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What kind of goods finances Medical Finance Projects ?

Is the medical equipment approved for use in Romania?

What types of activities financed Medical Finance Projects?

Finance clients and companies with ori without activity ?

Finance clients and companies with ori without activity

What types of consulting offers Medical Finance Projects?

What is the deliveryterm of medical equipment or machines?

How are the assets insured ?

What kind of goods finances Medical Finance Projects ? top

We finance the equipmentacquisition, real estate and machinery necessary for the investments in the medical field.

Is the medical equipment approved for use in Romania ? top

All medical equipment financed through Medical Finance Projects are approved for Medical use in Romania.

What types of activities financed Medical Finance Projects ? top

Medical Finance Projects finances all types of activities, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics-from individual medical practices (CMI), companies (LLC, etc.).

Do you finance companies or newly established activities? top

Yes, this is one of the most important advantages offered by Medical Finance Projects. Long experience in both medical and financial areas, allows us to evaluate the actual chances of professional success of a newly established activities. Thus, we can fund successfully cabinets and companies that, normally aren’t qualified for obtaining financing from another bank or financer.

Cabinets and newly established companies or without activity top top

For cabinets or newly established companies (start-ups) or with no activity, it doesn’t need the documents that prove the current situation and forecasts (for example, for obvious reasons, are not required of accounting data from previous years)

What kinds of consulting services Medical Finance Projects offers ? top

Medical Finance Projects offers financial consulting (choosing the optimal procurement and financing medical projects), technique (presentation of options for medical equipment, so that the investor can take the best decision for the acquisition or project in question) and managerial (assistance in drawing up business plans and estimation of results to be achieved through the implementation of the project or the completion of the acquisitions, project management-feasibility studies, forecasts, presentations, follow-up to the results predicted by carrying out the investment).

There are additional costs for consulting? top

When consulting is aimed for obtaining a financing for acquisitions, and financing is done by Medical Finance Projects, there are no such costs. In case you opt only for consulting service, a fee will be charged.

What is the term of delivery of medical equipment or machines ? top

The delivery time is set by manufacturers for each good separately and shall be communicated to the investor when he is selecting the products and before signing the agreement of financing. All delivery dates are determined with precision before signing the contract of financing and are part of the technical advice provided by Medical Finance Projects. Agreed delivery deadlines are mentioned in the financing agreement. At the request of the beneficiary, they may differ from the standard according to the needs of the project: planning the installation space, synchronization with other deliveries and installations, etc.

How are the assets ? top

All of the assets financed are insured against all risks (including fire, theft, earthquake, etc.). The cost of insurance is 0.33% per year for medical equipment. Cost as a percentage of the insurance for real estate is lower and depends on many factors, including the value of real estate property. The cost of insurance for cars is that established legally and commonly by the insurers.